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In Greek mythology, Medusa started as a devoted priestess of Athena, making a vow to remain celibate. However, Poseidon, the sea god pursued her and violated her vow.


Athena, upset about her temple's sanctity being violated, turned Medusa into a monstrous Gorgon with snake hair. This curse came with a lethal gaze that could turn people into stone. So, even though the curse was a result of victim-blaming, her existence posed a danger to others, leading to her being viewed as a villain, despite her unfortunate ain't that some sh*t?

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Just like the captivating Gorgon of legend, your co-parenting style echoes with unwavering strength, and rock-solid clarity.


Much like Medusa's gaze could turn all who met it into stone, your co-parenting style is marked by its piercing determination and unique ability to define and uphold boundaries.

Your style is piercing, no-nonsense, and absolutely unmistakable.


Your expressiveness and assertiveness lay the concrete foundation for your co-parenting approach.

Closeup_ Medusa's head on the shield of


Similar to Medusa's saga where she was scorned your approach can sometimes slide into stubbornness and an all-or-nothing attitude. Your resolute demeanor and mistrust can lead to a drought of empathy, tangling you and your co-parent in the coils of misunderstanding.

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Consider throwing in a dash of flexibility. You've got those boundaries, no doubt, but opening up to empathy and adaptability can make your connections smoother and help you handle the twists and turns of your relationships with a little more finesse. Creating a better coparenting relationship doesn't have to be hard. It's not about trusting your coparent, it's about trusting yours.

Closeup_ Medusa's head on the shield of


black and brown snake in close up photog

Want the magic spell to command respect with a single gaze?

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Your unwavering spirit, like Medusa, is your superpower. By finding the sweet spot between resolute clarity and empathy, you'll rock a co-parenting world with structure and mutual understanding. Remember, adaptability is a killer strength, and your determination 100% can light the way.

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